Keep Your Hands To Yourself September 27th, 2011, 5:48 pm
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Author Comments:

It's times like this where I wish imageshack wasn't such a bitch.

But of course I'm sure everyone else has the same thoughts.

Posted @ September 27th, 2011, 5:55 pm

Posted @ July 18th, 2019, 8:38 pm


Yeah, but too bad I didn't think about it while working on the comic.

@Scrape: Yes. I was having trouble on what would Zero say while having his face beaten to a pulp.

@GMC: Don't worry. I wanted to make sure I got this strip done first, so now I have some time to work on X.E.L. I just have to pm Erdnaxel for the portal effect.

Speaking of which, does anyone know where I can find a link to a free MS Paint download?

Posted @ September 27th, 2011, 6:48 pm


nevermind. I checked a video on youtube, and realized it was just Paint. Sorry about that! ^_^"

Posted @ September 30th, 2011, 8:17 am

Reader Comments:

What a jerk.

Posted @ September 27th, 2011, 6:00 pm

WTF, man. It would've been funny if somebdoy threw or use the Metool as a weapon.

Posted @ September 27th, 2011, 6:28 pm

Is that a Sonic For Hire reference I see in the 8th to 12th panels?

Posted @ September 27th, 2011, 6:29 pm

I cant be the only one who was singing along to the song....

Posted @ September 27th, 2011, 6:30 pm

Good that you update Bass Legends but *pulls out shotgun and started talking in demonic voice* YOU BETTER HAVE X'S EVERYDAY LIFE UP ASAP OTHERWISE THERE WILL BE CONSEQUENCES.

Posted @ September 27th, 2011, 6:35 pm

I think the cops are mad. If only there was a Spanish Announcer Table somewhere.

Posted @ September 27th, 2011, 8:34 pm

Which version of Paint are you looking for? If you're looking for the XP version, and you have a computer with Windows XP, you can copy the .exe from that computer's System32 folder over to a flash drive and then move it to another computer.

Posted @ September 28th, 2011, 12:53 am

I was hoping that you'd use one of my guys for the Bar fight so that when I finally get moving on Project Fishbowl, I could add it into the Arc where they get to this dimension to compete, But I also really wanted it to be Grey. But I think I could make Turk (And the fact that his entire appearance in this is being grappled Zero) a much better reason to be in this other than random violence.

Posted @ September 28th, 2011, 6:21 am

@Jr DJ

No, I already have that. I'm talking like the one Djoing and The_Mad_One have.

Posted @ September 28th, 2011, 6:11 pm

You need the old paint programs for Windows XP and 97? I can give you a link to them.

Posted @ September 29th, 2011, 6:45 pm

the best part is that its not even their fault the fight broke out.. this time.. lol.

Oh and my personal theory on the teams is that almost each one has a special new RM in it. The contest is to find the strongest one ^_^. Least that's just my guess anyway.

Posted @ October 8th, 2011, 3:21 am